Five things you didn’t know about male escorts

If there is anything you can learn from a professional escort, it's that the money is always upfront.

“That's my policy,” said Drilla, a 29-year-old professional male escort and porn actor from Brooklyn. “Like I said, I'm paid for my time. I'm not gonna waste my time with a client and then next thing you know the session's over and they're looking around tapping their pockets. I don't have time for that.”

Metro spent the afternoon with Drilla to learn all about his unique profession; and what he told us was fascinating. Here are five things you didn't know about male escorts.

1) Escorts aren’t prostitutes. Don’t get it twisted.

"I'm an escort because an escort charges for their time, not for what they do. A prostitute is exclusively someone who trades sex for either favors or for money. With me, I charge for my time. It's not about what I do, I'm an entertainer."

2) Sex isn't always on the menu, but often ends up happening.

"[With] a very high percent of clients, sex ends up happening. But that's something that's a mutual agreement between two consenting adults. Also, I mean, sex can vary amongst a plethora of different types of acts. I mean you have oral, you have masturbation, there's voyeurism, there's different types of sex. So, even if when I touch them you can consider it having sex."

3) Drilla’s company doesn't come cheap.

"Right now I charge $300 an hour, but that's only a base price. That means that it's $300 an hour just for me to show up. It depends on what experience the person is looking for. If I'm coming in and they want the boyfriend experience or they want something extra personal -- if you want me to kiss you or stuff like that. The more personal I get, the more in character I have to be, it'll be the more I have to charge. I've made $10,000 on one client -- that was just for about two hours."

4) Drilla identifies as pansexual.

“Pansexual means that you can find a sexual attraction. You can find beauty in just about any [sexuality or] gender, whether it be male, female, a transgender woman, a transgender man, a stud, a femme, butch, an aggressive femme; it doesn't matter. The only thing is the connection most of the time is gonna be more mental than physical, but you can find beauty in just about anything."

5) Some of clients are celebrities.

"I've had a few celebrity clients myself. And, well a couple of them I didn't even realize they were celebrities until I actually got there. But it was just ya know, hey, it's all in the business."

Drilla can be reached through his profile on (NSFW).


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