Gay Facebook User Alè Valenzuela Fakes His Death

"What will you say at my make believe funeral now that I've faked my own death?" Ale Valenzuela beat Jesus's record by dying and coming back the same day. From Thirst Trap Boys:

Yesterday October 19th 2016 Every Gay Man's Facebook Timeline In America Was Flooded With Rip (Alè Valenzuela) ...Seriously The Outpouring Of Grief For This Handsome Facebook User Was Basically Nonstop. However Hours Later The Grief Turned Into Anger & Shade As It Was Revealed That Alè Was Not Dead But Had Faked His Death For Attention, His Own Sister Revealed The Truth In A Comment That Read "This Nigga Ain't Dead! He Is My Little Brother That Dies For Attention. The Nigga Got Nose Surgery"

Sadly This Isn't The First Time Someone Has Faked A Death For Attention But This Seems To Be The One That Has Garnered Mass Attention & Spread like Wildfire. Now Whether It Spread So Fast Because He Was Loved Or His Handsome Good Looks That Had Every Gay Thirst Trap Crying Over His Death, One Thing Is For Sure People Actually Cared About It & Well Now When He Does Actually Die (Like We All Will One Day) The Masses Will Not Care At All. This Story Is Very Reminiscent Of The Famous Folk Tale Of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, People Care Until You Give Them A Reason Not To. (Alè Valenzuela Has Broken His Silence Read His Words Below)

12 Hours After His Sister Exposed The Truth, The No Longer Deceased Alè Valenzuela Finally Broke His Silence Through Another Facebook Account Of His (John Evans) & You Can Read His Response Regarding All The Grief, Anger & Backlash Below.

"How did I fake my own death when I was undergoing a sedated procedure ? It was a misinform of communication with the nurse who told my friend who was waiting for me invalid information about me. So everyone who called my phone spiked to herwhile I under went my procedure" - John Evans

Our Thoughts On This : Now While His Explanation Seems Reasonable, It Takes Less Than 60 Seconds To Post I'm Alive To Facebook Just To Stop The Lie From Going Any Further & For Some Reason He Did Not Do That. So We Are Giving This Attention Seeker A Major Side Eye & We Hope He Seeks Professional Help. Mental Illness Is Very Much Alive & Well In 2016 & If You Don't Believe Us Just Look At The Simple Fact That Donald Trump Could Potentially Be Our Next President

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