Man Alleges He Met Gospel Legend Ricky Dillard On Jack'd

We are not putting a whole lot of stock in this considering we've never seen Ricky Dillard's body before, but we do know gospel artists are notorious for getting down on the low.  

Rumors have swirled around Dillard for years but one man is claiming he actually met the gospel singer on the gay dating app.  

The man, who asked to remain anoynmous says he and Dillard met in August of last year while Dillard was in Washington DC.

"I'm on the DL as well so I usually only hook up with guys who don't show their faces."  the man stated.  "When he showed up to my door I said to myself he looks familiar, but didn't really think anything of it. We did what grown men do and he left. It wasn't until I saw him later at a gospel concert that I realized who he was."

The man claims he and Dillard only met up once and that Dillard called him from a blocked number.  He did however provide screencaps of the alleged Jack'd profile. 

The images are NSFW

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