Straight Guys Confess the "Gayest" Things They've Ever Done

It boils down to a bunch of nothing, but its funny to read what straight guys consider gay and laugh at their fragile masculinity. 

In a new Reddit thread:

Straight guys of Reddit, what’s the most gay thing you have done? How do you feel about the experience?
“I touched a dick in an orgy,” one man says. “I’m not ashamed.”

Another guy writes: “A guy blew me in the back room of a Kinko’s on the overnight shift back in the 90’s. Felt weird about it afterwards, but now I wish I would have explored my bi side more when I was younger.”

“I was a regular visitor to glory holes,” a third guy admits, “and I’ve done several MMF with married couples. The husband was always very bi.”

Some other interesting confessions include:

“Locker room in high school. All the guys were checking each other’s junk out. Happens.”

“Curiosity got the best of me once when I was really horny, so I decided to look up a local site that featured transgender escorts.”

“I like butt plugs and stuff. … Haven’t had a prostate orgasm yet, but I want to.”

A lot of the guys mention strange experiences that involve coming into contact with other men’s facial hair.

“I made out with my best friend at the time. Our girlfriends said they’d make out in exchange (like in American Pie 2). They totally reneged. We were pissed, and I was grossed out by his facial hair,” one man says.

Another writes:

Drunk night out with friends and this guy comes up who knows two of the girls in our group. Apparently he thought I was super attractive and asked if I had ever kissed a guy before. I admitted I hadn’t and since the vibe was pretty good and fun the girls egged me on and the guy and I kissed a quick one for like 2 sec. I remember his facial hair scrubbed with my facial hair.

To which a third replies, “Yeah it’s odd at first to get used to the sensation of facial hair!”

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