Upstate New York Corrections Officer Resigns Immediately After Getting Caught Kissing Male Inmate

A male corrections officer resigned immediately after he was caught in a "romantic embrace" with a male inmate in an upstate New York jail — while the jail’s warden was giving a tour to officers from other facilities.

After being caught on Friday, the corrections officer quickly handed in his resignation.

Sheriff Ken Lansing told The Ithaca Voice, “We weren’t going to hesitate or drag our feet on this … he was out the door in 5 minutes or less.”

District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson told the Daily News she’s investigating whether a crime was committed.

“I believe that any person incarcerated in any kind of jail is legally incapable of giving consent for contact,” Wilkinson said, adding, “Under the law, kissing is sex.”

Right now, she’s in the process of investigating whether there were incidents with other inmates.

The officer’s name will be released if he is charged with a crime.

Lansing told The Ithaca Voice, "He was a good corrections officer; we never had any complaints against him.

"He did his job; he was a very caring person and he always volunteered, and did extra things for people ... he came here and he worked hard."

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