Watch: "About Him Freshman Year" Supertrailer

The About HIm Franchise is taking over, Bawn TV and Tyson Anthony are serving up more drama for your viewing pleasure with "About Him: Freshman Year"  We have really got to hand it to them for churring out the series and giving the fans what they want.  They describe Freshman Year as:

There’s no denying that it’s all about him – Damien.

After experiencing his first encounter with heartbreak Damien dives into the chaotic world of college life. Damien stumbles around campus like the other lost freshmen doing his best to keep his eyes glued to his books and off of shirtless jocks, fratboys, and handsome intellectuals. But Damien’s level of discipline may prove to be no match for the ways of a manipulate college senior who threatens to establish a degrading reputation for the freshmen.

Damien’s cousin Kendall begins his own journey of self-discovery. Kendall not only reconnects with himself, but with a love from his past – a cute church boy. It’s a forbidden love that may require Kendall turning his back on the person who has aided him in keeping his sexuality secret from friends, family, and their church for years – his mother.

Check out the trailer below.


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