Why Gay Men Like Round Juicy Plump Asses and The Science Behind It

My anaconda don't, my anaconda don't, my anaconda don't want none unless you got cakes hon.  Just like our straight counterparts, we love phat asses, but why?  Well science has an answer for that ass, literally. 

In a study done by CoffeeMeetsBagel.com, only 7% of gay males say a nice butt is the sexiest thing on a man. Firm thighs were dead last at 3% (surprising, huh?). At the top of the list with 37% is a toned chest, while 6-pack abs followed behind at 19%. Guys who like asses are in the minority so what makes us tick?

According to researchers, men’s attraction to ass is woven into their genes. Evolution has given us the ability to decode a person’s health and vitality and fertility. While straight men innately find a woman with curves sexually appealing, the message their brain is reading is “this lady can give me some healthy spawn.” So where does it leave gay guys who find a butt on a man just as sexy? It’s all the same thing.

Being gay is innate within our organic makeup. It’s how we were built. Like every other organic creature with life, we might look the same on the outside but we all have different genetic makeups on the inside. We have different blood types, different DNA, and yes, different orientations – it’s how we’re put together. But the urge to breed is roughly the same. Guys with luscious curves are sexually stimulating to a man’s biological sense to mate – gay, straight, or otherwise.

Some guys have a similar feeling when they see other parts, too, i.e. arms, shoulders, chest, or stomach. Though the world trains us to believe this is a socially created idea, how do you explain the physical reaction your body has when you see a man that meets all your criteria? It is scientific.

Whether it’s because of a man’s body or a man’s brain, when you feel lust towards another human, it’s because of chemistry. He’s feeding you exactly what your body wants and needs, and the only way your brain is able to translate that message to you is through physical urgings.

Unsurprisingly, culture does have a thing or two in how much we choose to focus on it. A University of Buenos Aires study recently found that 59% of its men found butts more attractive than other body parts. British men, however, didn’t pay that much attention to it, says researchers from University College London.

Pop culture is throwing the ass in our faces and in a circle. When anything comes into “fashion,” it’s a matter of time before everyone makes an effort to appease it. While a strong chest and broad shoulders are always going to be on the top of most lists, the ass is slowly creeping up as one of the most needed accessory. Its happening, just look around at the gym at all the men doing squats, a routine with no real benefit except to sculpt. Everyone wants a phat ass.

Nice asses grab our attention because, as men, we internalize the visual and associate it with sex. When a man has a very defined butt, we don’t adore it like it was art. We envision our hands around it, we imagine it spread eagle across our bedframe, we dream of caressing it beneath our favorite appendage.

It makes our mouth water and our bodies respond in natural ways that in other circumstances might lead to breeding.


So don't be ashamed if you love ass.  Its natural.

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