Sex Etiquette: Who Should Nut First? The Top or The Bottom?

Forget the chicken and the egg, we've got a question that is just as perplexing.  Its the age old conundrum that has stumped gay sex scholars for centuries.  Who should nut first?  He who giveth or he who receiveth?  Or should we let our powers combine and get one of those Captain Planet moments where we both cum at the same time. 

I've had this discussion with friends and there is no real concensus on who should be first up at bat, but the arguments from both sides are compelling.

Of course if you're a top and you can stay hard after you nut, then your bottom should be ok.  Vice versa if you're a bottom and you can continue to take dick after you get yours then you're ok as well. 

Issues arise when once you get your nut its game over, do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.

What's your stance on the issue?


Lets Try to Nut At The Same Time
58% (1203 votes)
Bottoms Cum First
23% (476 votes)
Tops Nut First
18% (378 votes)
Total votes: 2049

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